Energy, sustainability, and software solutions for international manufacturers

Dramatic energy price increases, combined with supply chain bottlenecks, rising business costs and stakeholder demands to decarbonise, all pose huge challenges for international manufacturers operating in highly competitive markets.

With varying pressures on international manufacturers, it is important to have a long-term risk managed energy strategy in place to help create price stability. This maximises opportunities for savings, efficiencies, and ultimately carbon reductions. It is equally as important to retool for a new era in which sustainability is seen no longer as a cost, but as a critical value differentiator that is essential to growth.

Our consultants have been serving manufacturers across the globe for over 20 years. We always think about the bigger picture, so we can help you manage your energy and sustainability requirements better and smarter.

Marie Eustace, Client Relationship Manager at Alfa Energy Group, discusses the challenges and solutions for international businesses from an energy and sustainability perspective.

Energy management in a time of crisis

Energy forms a significant element of business cost to international manufacturers. The recent volatility in the gas and power markets has therefore hit this industry hard. With energy cost being included in the price per unit sold, higher costs mean more expensive products. To remain competitive, managing energy price risk is critical.

Other common challenges faced by manufacturers with a pan-European or global presence include:

  • A fragmented energy purchasing strategy due to portfolios being spread across numerous service providers.
  • Understanding the optimisation opportunities available with the non-commodity element of energy costs due to the differing regulatory frameworks within the countries of operation.
  • The time spent collecting energy and sustainability data across portfolios for consolidated reporting.

A credible energy management strategy will address all of these challenges.

The future is sustainable

The slow but steady move towards sustainable manufacturing has been driven by several forces; a desire to reap the rewards it offers, a need to offset risks and costs, and increasing shareholder and customer demands. Underpinning all of these is the growing urgency to address the profound climate crisis, the impacts of which are becoming more apparent and irreversible.

Sustainability has never been more important. The EU projects that it will reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and aims to cut its emissions by half over the next decade. This ambitious target places a particularly stringent set of demands on the manufacturing sector because it accounts for a large share of global emissions.

Whilst facing change in the coming years, manufacturers have a major opportunity with net zero to innovate their processes, reduce their energy consumption and use their sustainability credentials as a value differentiator. To achieve this a comprehensive approach based on a solid net zero plan, that takes into account scope 3 emissions, behaviours and other factors, is vital.

Delivering worldwide solutions
with local expertise

Alfa Energy Group provides a comprehensive set of global energy, sustainability, and technology solutions to meet local and/or regional needs through its international offices and partner alliance.


Energy & Water Management

Energy Strategy <br> Supply Contract Procurement <br> Risk Management <br> Renewables <br> Energy Efficiency

Energy Strategy
Supply Contract Procurement
Risk Management
Energy Efficiency

Bureau Services

Invoice Validation <br> Budgeting <br> Energy Estate Management <br> Non-Commodity Cost Optimisation

Invoice Validation
Energy Estate Management
Non-Commodity Cost Optimisation


Net Zero Strategy <br> Renewable Energy Certificates <br> Corporate PPAs <br> Carbon Footprint Audits

Net Zero Strategy
Renewable Energy Certificates
Corporate PPAs
Carbon Footprint Audits


ESOS / EED <br> SECR / TCFD <br> UK & EU ETS <br> Greenhouse Gas Reporting <br> ISO 50001 / ISO 14001

Greenhouse Gas Reporting
ISO 50001 / ISO 14001

“Alfa Energy’s programme has produced a comprehensive cost reduction result across the ITW pan EU portfolio. The focus now is to review in-country pass-through costs, including compliance schemes to reduce consumption, while increasing energy sources from renewables. I would not hesitate to recommend Alfa Energy to other end-users.”

Mike Colwell, Director, NA Indirect Materials & Services and Global Energy, ITW


Case Study: Fortune 200 Manufacturer

Case Study: Fortune 200 Manufacturer

Alfa Energy Group moved this global industrial business from a fixed term contract to a risk managed flex approach across Italy, as part of its wider European strategy, with cost savings year-on-year mounting to 23% in 2021.

Case Study: H.B. Fuller

Case Study: H.B. Fuller

Alfa Energy Group’s procurement solutions during the height of the Covid pandemic yield this global adhesive manufacturer a 27% saving for H.B Fuller’s 2021 and 2022 powercontract and a 11.6% saving for the company’s 2022 gas contract.


Driving action through meaningful insights

Turn your data into meaningful insights through software to drive cost reduction, manage energy price risk, and help reach your decarbonisation goals.

We offer both managed and standalone SaaS platforms to our international manufacturing clients choosing to manage their energy and sustainability requirements in-house.

Our software solutions:

  • Provide a centralised, proprietary data repository
  • Track energy performance and carbon footprint
  • Recognise energy efficiencies for accurate targeting
  • Identify costly consumption issues
  • Highlight emission reduction opportunities
  • Support ESG reporting
  • Identify invoice errors and improve payment processing
  • Streamline internal processes

Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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The challenges, opportunities and solutions from an energy and sustainability perspective

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  • Energy management in a time of crisis
  • What matters most to manufacturers
  • Aligning energy use and operations with net zero
  • Lead or lose the advantage
  • Choosing the right approach

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