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Energy, Sustainability and Technological Solutions for International Manufacturers

This report explores the following topics:

  • Energy costs and contracts in the face of high and volatile market prices
  • Supply chain resilience and decarbonisation
  • Renewable energy strategies, including on and off-site generation, to provide price stability and a path to net zero
  • The importance of data, and how to consolidate, analyse and report on energy and emissions data to feed into ESG, sustainability and emissions carbon reporting frameworks and standards, globally.
  • The need for software that connects and automates energy and sustainability data sources, improves processes, and enables good decisions with the ability to measure progress based on fact
  • The importance of a strategy to set achievable targets for procurement, decarbonisation and implementation with short, medium and long-term goals. A plan enabling good decisions today, to will ensure your manufacturing operation is future viable tomorrow.


Download the report to learn about solutions to the trilemma of challenges manufacturers face today.